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What's New?

 Marine Contractors License, MD

 Certified Pesticide Applicators License, MD & PA

 Minority Business Enterprise, MBE/DBE/SBE


  • Long Arm Volvo Excavator

  • Mack Road Tractor and Lowboy

  • New 4x4 Hydroseeder

  • Finn Straw Blower

  • New Tub Grinder - Trees, Blacktop, Palletts

  • New Rubber Tire Loader

Our New and Improved Debris Removal Plan:

• Concentrates on running the debris removal through utilizing a smaller scale operation

•  Instead of doing debris removal a couple times of year on a large scale, we propose using a smaller crew on a monthly basis

This promotes:

                                    Better results



Environmental Advantages

Being compliant  


Flexible Schedules

Cost effectiveness


New Construction & Project Opportunities


Accessibility to areas 


Did You Know?

1. Waste is dumped from garbage trucks into a large pit.

2. A giant claw on an excavator or crane grabs waste and dumps it in a combustion chamber.

3. The waste (fuel) is burned, releasing heat.

4.The heat turns water into steam in a boiler.

5. The high-pressure steam turns the blades of a turbine generator to produce electricity.

For every 100 pounds of MSW in the United States, about 85 pounds can be burned as fuel to generate electricity. Waste-to-energy plants reduce 2,000 pounds of garbage to ash that weighs between 300 pounds and 600 pounds, and they reduce the volume of waste by about 87%.

6. An air-pollution control system removes pollutants from the combustion gas before it is released through a smokestack.

7. Ash is collected from the boiler and the air pollution control system.

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New Equipment

Dredging, our specialty

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